A simple explanation of the Glass Film Glass Touchscreen (GFG Touch)

The GFG Touch works the same way as a resistive touchscreen. In this case, the outer surface is not a film, but a very resilient pane of glass. The film on the resistive Touch, the image is always “milky” right away. That does not happen with the Glass Touch.

The glass pane on the Glass Film Glass Touchscreen is very resilient, is resistant to scratches, alkali and acids and it can be used in an expanded temperature range of -25° to +70°. It can be operated with fingers, gloves and other objects (i.e. chain link gloves or the tip of a knife), without damaging the touchscreen.

Due to fact that the Glass Film Glass Touchscreen is extremely robust, it is very suited for the industrial automation, fabrication, in the medical field as well as the food/chemical/pharmaceutical industries. The GFG Touch is the only touchscreen that is resistant to a continual exposure to blood. This is especially important in the meat packing industry. The installation is equally easy, just like with the regular resistive touch.


Available sizes: 6,5“ – 22“



  • Completely resistant against rain, snow, ice, heat and dust
  • Resilient against chemicals (acids and alkali)
  • Resilient against blood (important in the meat packing industry)
  • Can be operated with fingers, gloves and any other objects
  • Works even with deep scratches
  • Very robust, vandal proof
  • Long lasting



  • Comparably expensive


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