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Automatic Check-In – ADM offers Solutions for Hotels

Hotels, in which the reception desk can not be staffed at all hours of the day and night, can now offer their guests a special service. Automatic Check-In-Terminals offer guests the opportunity to complete their own check in. ADM was contracted to develop a robust and long lasting customer service solution for a variety of… Weiter »

Production Monitoring Display for the Pharmaceutical Industry

A short while ago, we delivered a selection of monitoring displays with a control interface, to a pharmaceutical company. With the aid of the monitors, the company wants to change over to a paperless production. We were told, that these monitors are not only used in the manufacturing process, but also for quality control and… Weiter »

Monitors for Yachts manufactured in cooperation with the ISY GmbH

Soon our monitors will be available through the ISY GmbH. This company has focused on oceanic and lake charts. As part of our cooperation, we deliver monitors that are specifically designed for the use on yachts.     Optical Bonding and additional Special Features of the Monitors for Yachts With our new cooperating partner, we… Weiter »

Sales Terminals for a Concert Hall in Dortmund

A short time ago, we outfitted a concert hall in Dortmund with monitors. The TFT monitors are used for the sale of tickets, in order to offer the customer a quick overview of available seats. Currently these types of displays can be seen in multiplex cinemas, where they provide the ticket sales person the ability… Weiter »

A Monitor for Manufacturers of Machines for the counting of Seeds

Some of the seeds do not seem to be cheap. That is the only way we can explain why the manufacturers of sowing machines are trying to optimize the process in order to offer the farmers the best cost performance ratio. We were allowed to deliver monitors to the machine manufacturer, with which the amount… Weiter »

Touch Panel PC for the School Cafeteria

A short while ago, we outfitted an authority with a Panel PC. This case involved a computer, that allowed employees of a school cafeteria to coordinate food portions for the students. The Panel PCs were utilized directly in the kitchen. That is why special requirements had to be fulfilled. Keypads: A Place for many Germs… Weiter »

Displays for the Monitoring of Casein Production

As we mentioned in our previous post, we are working once again with a monitor for an industrial application. As an example, we selected a good customer, that has specialized themselves on the manufacturing of casein. For most people the term is meaningless, but everyone knows casein. Because this is the protein portion that is… Weiter »

Monitoring Displays for Fire Alarm Systems

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Especially, when it involves an order for monitors. Most of the monitors that we ship, are standard monitors. For most of the customers, however, the configuration of the monitor is the most important consideration. We would like to demonstrate this with two examples. We will talk about the… Weiter »

Installed Panel PCs for the Monitoring of Production

A short time ago, we delivered monitors from our Lizard Series for a row of cabinets. With our monitors from the Lizard Series, they are normally installed devices that are mounted from either the front or the back into the respective device. In this case, the displays were needed to monitor parts of a production…. Weiter »

Mounted Panel PC with Stainless Steel Front for a Machine Manufacturer

We always are especially delighted when we receive a phone call from machine manufacturers, because they like to work with us. In some cases, this even happens on an international level, just as recently, when we received an inquiry from the Mediterranean area. Our customer, a manufacturer of machines for pharmaceutical and biotech products, sought… Weiter »

A Heat Restitant Panel PC for a Rolling Mill

Heat resistant Panel PCs are always again and again a challenge for us. Here it is less about the material that we use for the PC, but the functionality. What we specifically mean by that, we would like to explain with an example of one of our customers, who ordered a Panel PC for a… Weiter »

A robust and impact resistant Touchscreen for a Testing Lab

A short time ago, we delivered special monitors that were protected from flying objects. Before the delivery, we had to understand why such a monitor is needed in a testing lab. I was explained to us with a very visual example: a pair of skis.   Tested: A pair of Skis in a Testing Lab… Weiter »

A Heat Resistant Panel PC for a Rolling Mill

Heat resistant Panel PCs are always again and again a challenge for us. Here it is less about the material that we use for the PC, but the functionality. What we specifically mean by that, we would like to explain with an example of one of our customers, who ordered a Panel PC for a… Weiter »

Industrial Monitor with BNC Port for Milling Machines

A few months ago, we received an inquiry from a machine building company. This company wanted to integrate the option into their machines, with which the production process could be followed more closely. The solution was a combination of a camera and a monitor. This could be easily imaginable with machines that process materials in… Weiter »

Panel Pc for an Ocean Research Ship

We always find inquiries intriguing that we receive from research facilities. With this inquiry, it was regarding a mobile research station, a ship, which explores the connections in the ocean. A Panel PC was requested, which is a combination of a monitor and a computer, where the PC components are placed inside of the expanded… Weiter »

Industrial Monitors for the Sanitizing of Medical Tools in a Hospital

Monitors for a hospital? According to our opinion, this can only mean one thing: Our monitors with touchscreen would be used for the medical monitoring of patients. We were, however, far off the actual field of application. We became hesitant, when the customer asked for monitors that complied with the IP65 degree of protection. And… Weiter »

Vandal Proof Touchscreens for the Manufacturing of Headlights

Recently we were working for a software developer for the automotive industry. This assignment revolved around special monitors that were to have vandal proof touch operational fields. Our client explained to us in simple words why these monitors had fulfill these requirements. Fine Glass Dust can easily scratch the Touchscreen Some background on the software… Weiter »

Dimethyl Sulphoxide restistant Industrial PC for the Manufacture of Carbon Fiber

A few months ago, we received a phone call from a company that specializes in the manufacture of carbon fiber. At that time, we learned that during the manufacture of the fibers, very aggressive chemicals were used, such as dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO). This was a special challenge for our Industrial PC from the Taurus series,… Weiter »

Optically non reflective Glass Pane for a Panel PC for a Clean Room

A short while ago, a customer explained to us that the manufacturing of infusion solutions needed to be accomplished in an extremely clean manner. He manufactures infusions for hospitals and he is fanatical about cleanliness during the process. He explained that this does not happen without a reason. With a contaminated solution the recipient would… Weiter »

Acid resistant PanelPC with a GFG Touch for Thuringiar Sausages

In the summertime, an all time classic amongst sausages is the Thüringer roasting Bratwurst. Grilled and with a side of mustard, they are the most delicious. Although one thing is to be considered during the industrial manufacture of Thüringer sausages, as we recently learned. What sparked our sudden increased interest in Thüringer sausages, was the… Weiter »