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Optical Bonding- the technical solution for using monitors outdoors

Highly functional monitors are sought out more often on a daily basis. Every day we communicate via smartphones, PDA’s and the monitor at the bank teller, for example. A high quality method of sticking a protective coating onto the monitors is therefore in demand. They offer protection against moisture and make it possible to read… Weiter »

Raspberry PI – the single circuit board computer in action

Simple construction, complex in its effectiveness. That was the goal of the developers of the Raspberry PI Foundation when they created the Raspberry PI. The micro computer is based on no more than one ARM circuit board and is constructed in a manner that is easy to grasp. Initially designed to facilitate the learning of… Weiter »

Which touch panels are suitable for a wet room and in frost conditions?

In this post we would like to explain which touch panels work according to our experience in wet rooms and which touch panels can also be used in low temperatures and frost conditions. We would, however, like to point out that touch screens can not be rated on their own, but in the context of… Weiter »

Video connection options for the industrial sector

In recent decades many changes have occurred with the commonly used connectors. While on the domestic side the connectors are limited to DVI and HDMI, on the industrial side the number of connectors has nearly exploded. That, however, is not due to the fact that the industrial sector uses plugs that are not found in… Weiter »

What different types of housings are available for a Panel-PC?

Many of our customers often ask the question, which housing they should use for their Panel-PC. If a current Panl-PC housing is to be replaced, then this question is of secondary consideration. If, however, it is in the context of new developments, then the question plays an important role. We differentiate between three types of… Weiter »

How can one differentiate between a Panel Mount Panel PC and a Rack Mount?

The difference between a Panel Mount Panel PC and a Rack Mount Panel PC is very simple. A Rack Mount Panel PC has a standard width of 19 inches, a standard height of one or a number of height increments and standard drill holes on the outside of the frontal plate. A Panel Mount Panel… Weiter »

What is the difference between a Panel PC and an All in One PC?

In a recent conversation with one of our customers, the question came up, what the difference is between a Panel PC and an “All in One PC”. Nowadays, a Panel PC and an “All in One” are not that different anymore. Although the two terms of Panel PC and “All in One PC” differentiate the… Weiter »

How does one recognize a Rack Mount Panel PC

Rack mount Panel PC’s are one of the Panel PC’s, that are often inquired about. Occasionally we discover that this inquiry is not related to the Rack Mount Panel PC, but actually the Panel Mount Panel PC. How, however, can a consumer differentiate between a Rack Mount Panel PC and Panel Mount Panel PC? The… Weiter »

Why are there mounted monitors with and without a front?

Most recently, we were asked an interesting question. What is the difference between a mounted monitor with a front and a mounted monitor without a front? Or, why is there a difference? We at ADM rarely think about this, because it is part of our daily routine. We know that there are mounted monitors with… Weiter »

IP 65 Protection for monitors – What does that actually mean?

Even with us, there is no shortage of industry terms and abbreviations, which are only understood by those who are familiar with the material. One of these terms is IP65, which is currently used frequently in the advertising of monitors. What meaning, however, stands behind this term and what does that mean for the monitor… Weiter »