Automatic Check-In – ADM offers Solutions for Hotels

Hotels, in which the reception desk can not be staffed at all hours of the day and night, can now offer their guests a special service. Automatic Check-In-Terminals offer guests the opportunity to complete their own check in. ADM was contracted to develop a robust and long lasting customer service solution for a variety of… Weiter »

Optical Bonding- the technical solution for using monitors outdoors

Highly functional monitors are sought out more often on a daily basis. Every day we communicate via smartphones, PDA’s and the monitor at the bank teller, for example. A high quality method of sticking a protective coating onto the monitors is therefore in demand. They offer protection against moisture and make it possible to read… Weiter »

Raspberry PI – the single circuit board computer in action

Simple construction, complex in its effectiveness. That was the goal of the developers of the Raspberry PI Foundation when they created the Raspberry PI. The micro computer is based on no more than one ARM circuit board and is constructed in a manner that is easy to grasp. Initially designed to facilitate the learning of… Weiter »

Production Monitoring Display for the Pharmaceutical Industry

A short while ago, we delivered a selection of monitoring displays with a control interface, to a pharmaceutical company. With the aid of the monitors, the company wants to change over to a paperless production. We were told, that these monitors are not only used in the manufacturing process, but also for quality control and… Weiter »

Monitors for Yachts manufactured in cooperation with the ISY GmbH

Soon our monitors will be available through the ISY GmbH. This company has focused on oceanic and lake charts. As part of our cooperation, we deliver monitors that are specifically designed for the use on yachts.     Optical Bonding and additional Special Features of the Monitors for Yachts With our new cooperating partner, we… Weiter »

Sales Terminals for a Concert Hall in Dortmund

A short time ago, we outfitted a concert hall in Dortmund with monitors. The TFT monitors are used for the sale of tickets, in order to offer the customer a quick overview of available seats. Currently these types of displays can be seen in multiplex cinemas, where they provide the ticket sales person the ability… Weiter »

A Monitor for Manufacturers of Machines for the counting of Seeds

Some of the seeds do not seem to be cheap. That is the only way we can explain why the manufacturers of sowing machines are trying to optimize the process in order to offer the farmers the best cost performance ratio. We were allowed to deliver monitors to the machine manufacturer, with which the amount… Weiter »

Touch Panel PC for the School Cafeteria

A short while ago, we outfitted an authority with a Panel PC. This case involved a computer, that allowed employees of a school cafeteria to coordinate food portions for the students. The Panel PCs were utilized directly in the kitchen. That is why special requirements had to be fulfilled. Keypads: A Place for many Germs… Weiter »