Overview of TFT monitores for AGIE wire eroding machines

Here you can find an overview of all the industrial monitors available for different types of AGIE wire eroding machines. Every single TFT monitor was formatted electronically and mechanically to the original AGIE CNC controls and can therefore be easily swapped with a few “Plug & Play” steps.

If the monitor You are looking for is not in the list, please contact us directly. We are constantly developing new solutions.


AGIE machineAGIE controlmore informations
AgieAgiecut Evolution 3read more
AgieAgiematic C(CU)read more
Agiecut 100 DAgiematic CDread more
Agie 150Agiematic CFread more
Agie CUT 200Agiematic CUT Cread more
Agietron 100CAgiematic Tread more
Agietron 100CAgietron 200 Consoleread more
Agie AC-100Agietron Consoleread more
Agie AC-100Agietron Miniconsoleread more


Replacement monitor for Agie agiecut Evolution 3 control

Replacement monitor for AGIECUT Evolution 3This 15.1" TFT monitor replaces 15.1" TFT monitors at AGIE wire eroding machines AGIECUT Evolution 3. The TFT display is assambeled into a metal housing. 

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TFT monitor for AGIE control Agiematic T ans Agietron 200 console

Industrial monitor for Agietron 100cThis 12.1" replacement monitor replaces 14" tube monitors in AGIE wire eroding machines AGIE 100C. At this CNC machine were AGIE AGIEMATIC T controls and AGIETRON 200 (Console) integrated.

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Replacement monitor for AGIE 150 with Agiematic CF control

Monitor for Agie 150 (Agiematic CF control)This 12,1" TFT monitor replaces 14" color CRT monitors in AGIE wire eroding machines AGIE 150. At this CNC machines are AGIEMATIC CF controls installed. 

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TFT monitor for Agie - Agiematic CD control

Replacement monitor for Agiematic CD This 12.1" industial monitor replaces color 14" CRT monitors at AGIE wire eroding machines AGIECUT 100D. In these CNC machines were AGIEMATIC CD controls assembeled.

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TFT monitor for Agie controls Agietron Miniconsole and Agiematic CUT C

Monitor for AGIE AC-100 and AGIE CUT 200This 12" replacement monitor replaces color 14" tube monitors in AGIE AC-100 and AGIE CUT 200 machines. At this wire eroding machines were AGIE  AGIETRON (mini console) and AGIEMATIC CUT C (with grafic card VCB01) controls assembeled. 

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