Displays for the Monitoring of Casein Production

Casein for production oh cheeseAs we mentioned in our previous post, we are working once again with a monitor for an industrial application. As an example, we selected a good customer, that has specialized themselves on the manufacturing of casein. For most people the term is meaningless, but everyone knows casein. Because this is the protein portion that is gained from milk and is amongst other things, responsible for the production of cheese.

What is Casein used for?

Of course casein can be used for other things as well. According to reports, the ancient Chinese and the Egyptians used the medium as a binder for the gluing of furniture. In the previous turn of the century, casein was used in the manufacture of plastics, such as buttons and insulators. Casein is therefore a medium that has many applications.

Production Monitoring with Industrial Displays

The monitors are primarily used in the production and there they serve as a monitor over the different production steps. Additionally, on some monitors the consistency of the casein is displayed. And the displays are also used for the monitoring of temperatures.

Monitors with hygienic Requirements

Edelstahl Monitor mit Anschlüssen nach IP54Besides the possible areas of use, the monitors must above all perform one thing: they must meet the hygiene requirements. This, of course, means that the housing is made from stainless steel and that the connectors for the computer are protected. This is why we decided to go with an IP54 standard for these connectors for our customer. The cables are connected on the underside of the monitor and the cable entrances are additionally protected with a rubber insulation, so that neither fluids nor dirt can get into the monitor. The housing meets the IP65 standard and is thereby dust proof and protected from water sprays.



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