Installed Panel PCs for the Monitoring of Production

Bottling plantA short time ago, we delivered monitors from our Lizard Series for a row of cabinets. With our monitors from the Lizard Series, they are normally installed devices that are mounted from either the front or the back into the respective device. In this case, the displays were needed to monitor parts of a production. Our challenge did not lie in delivering the proper monitors, but to actually find the appropriate monitor.

Installed Device or external Panel PC made of Stainless Steel?

We see this all the time, where customers will ask for specific Panel PCs, that are much more powerful than what our customers actually need. In this case, it was about a few mounted monitors. Initially, the customer wished for an external device, but was not sure whether they needed a monitor combined with a PC or a simple external Panel PC.

We solve these cases quite easily, by visiting the customer and by ascertaining directly on location, which solution is the best. In this case, we recommended a mounted device to our customer, which would be integrated into the cabinet through the front. Initially, however, our customer thought about it and wanted to monitor the production processes with a Stainless Steel Panel PC from our Taurus Series. These devices are indeed more optically pleasing, but they are a little more demanding in pricing.

Our Solution: Mounted Monitor from our Lizard Series

open frame panel pcStainless Steel devices are especially used in applications, where hygienic requirements must be met. In this case, however, a production needed to be monitored, in which special hygienic requirements played a lesser role. We therefore recommended the Mounted Monitor from our Lizard Series to our customer, which due to low stainless steel content has a lower pricing. As a special feature, we added an audio port, so that speakers or headphones could be connected to the device.



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