Mounted Panel PC with Stainless Steel Front for a Machine Manufacturer

Panel PC with stainless steel front plateWe always are especially delighted when we receive a phone call from machine manufacturers, because they like to work with us. In some cases, this even happens on an international level, just as recently, when we received an inquiry from the Mediterranean area. Our customer, a manufacturer of machines for pharmaceutical and biotech products, sought a partner that could provide controlling displays.

Which PC is the best suited for Machine Manufacturing?

Especially in the manufacturing of machines, we like to participate in the conception of future machines. This way, we can influence which Panel PC solution will be found in the machine from now on. In principle, here there are two variations. Either an external Panel PC is chosen, which is outside of the machine and is connected via a cable and/or an armature system. Or a Mounted Device is chosen, that is housed in the device and with which the cables are often installed into the device.

Both variations, of course, have advantages and disadvantages. The external variation can be exchanged quite easily as the need arises. If stainless steel is used, however, this one is more costly than the mounted version. The internal variation integrates nicely into the existing housing and one only has one device, that under circumstances has to be transported. Depending on the situation, we decide with the developers together on location, which is the better variation.

Machine Manufacturers for the Pharmaceutical Field – Hygienic Requirements are a Must!

High hygienical standardsIn this case, we already knew that due to planned application, that the devices would have stainless steel. In the areas of pharmaceutical and biotech, this is a standard, due to the fact that the hygienic requirements are very high. Additionally, we were aware that the devices would be most likely exposed to very high and low temperatures. This is why we decided on a device with an extended temperature range. The critical question was therefore, would we use internal or external devices?

Our Solution: A Lizard Mounted Panel PC with a Stainless Steel Front

In the course of several test stages, we found that this would be the best device for our customer. In this case, it is a Mounted Panel PC with a stainless steel front from our Lizard Series. This Panel PC is installed from the front and then bolted from the back to the housing. Aside from the expanded temperature range, the Panel PC had an IP 65 protection. Additionally we discovered that for these future machines, a broad voltage power supply would be the best suited. In other words, a power supply that can handle voltages between 110 and 230 volts.

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