Panel PC for the Manufacturing of Hamburger Patties with Temperatures between 20 to 70 degrees

Manufacturing of meat ballsWe are all familiar with ready made hamburger patties in the frozen section of the supermarket. These patties are manufactured on an industrial level. Via a conveyor belt, the ground beef for the patties is mixed and seasoned, the patties are formed and subsequently they are fried. The packaging of the patties also happens automatically.


The machines that manufacture the patties are often controlled via a touchscreen Panel PC. A short while ago, we were able to take a closer look into the production of these patties when we outfitted a manufacturer with a Panel PC from the “Taurus” Series.

Temperature of negative 20 degrees in the Meat Locker

In this case it was interesting for us, which special requirements were needed of the Panel PC. Due to the fact that the PC was a controlling device, it had to be considered to what sort of temperatures the Panel PC would be exposed. The manufacturer explained to us, that the temperature range in industrial patty manufacturing can reach from negative 20 to 70 degrees on the plus side. The lowest temperature are hereby measured in the meat lockers, where the raw meat, but also the finished patties, are stored.

Temperatures of above 70 degrees in the vicinity of giant Fryers

The patty is fried at a very high temperature of about 180 degrees. Because of this, the temperature rises dramatically in the vicinity. Although it was explained to us that it does not reach a temperature of above 70 degrees.

Connectors with IP54 Protection and a Display with 350 candela

Edelstahl Panel PC mit IP54 Anshlüssen

We delivered a Stainless steel Panel PC with an IP65 protection and a resistive touchscreen. All the PCs were installed on walls or machines, which is why we chose stainless steel fittings with an individual spacing. Due to the wall mounting, we routed the controlling cables from beneath into the Panel PC and gave it an IP54 protection. This way, the company could continue to use a standardized cable. Additionally, we decided on a display with a brightness of 350 candela for this Panel PC, which is equal to a daytime running light on a car.


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