Vandal Proof Touchscreens for the Manufacturing of Headlights

HeadlightsRecently we were working for a software developer for the automotive industry. This assignment revolved around special monitors that were to have vandal proof touch operational fields. Our client explained to us in simple words why these monitors had fulfill these requirements.

Fine Glass Dust can easily scratch the Touchscreen

Some background on the software company’s inquiry, which is a supplier in the automotive industry and manufactures headlights. As it was explained to us, during the production of the headlights a fine glass dust is generated, which accumulates on the employee’s hands. If one were to touch a conventional touchscreen surface with this glass dust, then it would quickly scratch. That is why it was important to the customer, that the monitor could still be used in a slightly scratched state.

The Solution: An extremely robust capacitive Touchscreen

That is why we chose a capacitive touchscreen, that is especially robust against external impacts. The housing was made of a brushed stainless steel and contained an Intel Atom processor. Panel PC with capacitive touchscreenAdditionally we outfitted the ventilation free computer from our Taurus series with two LAN connectors, 2 USB connectors and one RS232. A quiet SSD drive served as a hard drive. Electric and additional connections were on the backside of the computer and had an IP65 protection.

One thing was still an item of interest: we wanted to know, how the software company developed the specifications that were interesting for the headlight manufacturer. It was explained to us, that the software was actively tested by the company and further refined, until it met the requirements of the company. During this process, the criteria evolved automatically, that would be demanded of the hardware in the future.


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