What are IP protection categories and/or IP degrees of protection?

Icon IP65 protection What exactly do the IP protection categories stand for? This question is often heard, especially in the industrial sector. For industrial environments there are clearly defined methods and standards of protection. These establish a degree of protection for a housing in regards to touch, foreign objects (dust, sand) as well as water and/or humidity.
The abbreviation IP, stands for International Protection as outlined by  DIN EN 60529 and DIN 40 050. The individual degrees of protection are always displayed as a combination of the two letters IP, as well as two numbers –  for example IP65. The numbers reflect the following safety standard:
The 1. number defines  the protection against touch and foreign objects (dust, sand) – in our example IP65, this is done with the number 6
The 2. number defines the protection against water and/or humidity – in our example IP65, this is done with the number 5

If needed, letters can be attached – as for example with IP69K. This “K” defines the marking, especially designated for street vehicles.

Here is an accurate listing of the individual numbers and their meaning:

1st numberProtection against touch Protection against foreign objects (dust and sand)2nd number Protection against water
Protection against…Protection against…
0No protectionNo protection0No protection
1Touch with back of the handForeign objects > 50mm diameter1Dripping water falling vertically
2Touch with a fingerForeign objects > 12mm diameter2Dripping water falling at an angle of 15° (measured from the vertical axis)
3Touch with toolsForeign objects > 2,5mm diameter3Water spray up to 60° (measured from the vertical axis)
4Touch with wireForeign objects > 1mm diameter4Water spray from all angles
5Touch with wireSlight dust accumulation indoors (=protection from dust)5Water spray from all angles
6Touch with wireDust breach (=dust proof)6Temporary flooding
7Temporary submersion (approx.  1/2 hour up to a depth of 1m)
8Constant submersion
9KWater with elevated pressure up to 100 bar (for cleaning with water jets or steam)

Monitors and computers with a protection degree up to IP67

The Industrial Monitors and Panel PC as part of the product line Lizard by ADM Electronic are compliant with IP54 protection standard. This means, that they are protected against dust accumulation indoors as well as water spray. The products of the Taurus series are compliant with the protection degree of IP67. This means that these Industrial PC’s and  Monitors are completely dust proof as well as protected from a temporary submersion in water.