IP 65 Protection for monitors – What does that actually mean?

Panel PC with IP65 protectionEven with us, there is no shortage of industry terms and abbreviations, which are only understood by those who are familiar with the material. One of these terms is IP65, which is currently used frequently in the advertising of monitors. What meaning, however, stands behind this term and what does that mean for the monitor that carries this type of designation?


IP 65 – IP stands for Ingress Protection – protection against a breach

The IP65 signifies a level of protection, to which a monitor must conform. The abbreviation in this case, stands for Ingress Protection which, in lay terms, means “protection against a breach”. The term breach can relate to a foreign object, but also water. Depending on the type of protection, the breach of the monitor should not be possible. Here is an example. Most of the standard monitors are inside an enclosed housing. This housing prevents that children can reach into the insides of the monitor. That, of course, also applies to adults.

IP 65 – The number 65 signifies dust proof and protection against a water spray

In some areas monitors are required, where such foreign objects as dust may not breach the housing. With the IP65 designation, the number “6” signifies this attribute. This number signifies that the monitor is dust proof. In order to accomplish this, a special type of rubber surface is normally applied, which also helps protect against water to a certain extent. The number “5” at the end of the IP number, signifies that the monitor is protected from a water spray from any direction. So if one were to draw a water pistol on the monitor, then this would not cause any damage.

The German Railway also has IP65 monitors

Monitors that have the IP65 protection are often found outdoors and in the industrial sector, where sanitary requirements are more important. These monitors can be found, amongst other places, in ticket terminals of the railway or public transit systems. If this monitor is also outfitted with a touch field, then it is common to add a layer of vandalism protection. In this case, the term is a capacitive touch field.

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