How does one recognize a Rack Mount Panel PC

19 inch rackm ount Panel PCRack mount Panel PC’s are one of the Panel PC’s, that are often inquired about. Occasionally we discover that this inquiry is not related to the Rack Mount Panel PC, but actually the Panel Mount Panel PC. How, however, can a consumer differentiate between a Rack Mount Panel PC and Panel Mount Panel PC? The most important differences are the standardized sizes and the method by which the Rack Mount Panel PC is installed.

Rack Mount Panel PC’s- standardized width, standardized height

Rack Mount Panel PC’s have a standardized width of 19 inches. 19 inches equals our widths of 482,6 millimeter or 48,26 centimeters. A Rack Mount Panel PC is always recognized by its 19 inch width. Narrower or wider Panel PC’s are always Panel Mount Panel PC’s. The height, however, of a Rack Mount Panel PC can vary. It depends on the integrated panel (display) in the Rack Mount Panel PC and if a keyboard is required or depending on the space requirements, the height of the Rack Mount Panel PC can be varied. The height, however, has a standard size of 44,45 millimeter per height increment. A Rack Mount Panel PC can have different heights, but it has to fit within the parameters of one or two height increments.

Rack Mount Panel PC’s – standardized drill holes

There is one more special feature that distinguishes the Rack Mount Panel PC. Every Rack Mount Panel PC has a frontal plate, that can be fastened before the installation. This is how a Rack Mount Panel PC is recognized besides the width and the drill holes, that are on the outside of the frontal plate. The order, the distance and the size of the drill holes are also standardized with a Rack Mount Panel PC. In this country these standards are found under DIN 41494-8 with the German Institute for Standardization.

The Rack Mount Panel PC’s are used, amongst other applications, in data centers, the performance field and in the medical field.


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