What different types of housings are available for a Panel-PC?

Panel PC desktopMany of our customers often ask the question, which housing they should use for their Panel-PC. If a current Panl-PC housing is to be replaced, then this question is of secondary consideration. If, however, it is in the context of new developments, then the question plays an important role. We differentiate between three types of housing: the desktop, the panel mount and the rack mount-Panel PC.


Desktop Panel PC’s can fulfill the protection classifications

In the case of Desktop Panel PC, it is an enclosed PC, similar to an “all in one PC”. A Desktop Panel PC houses the monitor and all of the PC components (minus the keyboard and mouse) in one enclosed housing. A Desktop Panel PC could, for example, can be placed on a desk or a work station in a machine room. In many industrial areas, the Desktop Panel PC’s are mounted onto a moveable armature or a wall mount. In machine rooms an IP protection class can be added to the Desktop Panel PC. Depending on the protection class, the Desktop Panel PC is protected against dust, water sprays or even submersion into a pool of water.

Panel Mount PC’s can be custom madePanel PC Panelmount

In the case of the Panel Mount Panel PC in contrast to the Desktop Panel PC, the Panel PC is installed permanently. Panel Mount PC’s are custom made for the designated application. The size of the Panel Mount PC varies in size, depending on the requirements. A Panel Mount Panel PC is fitted just as the Rack Mount Panel PC with a frontal plate. This frontal plate can be constructed in such a way, that it covers the desired IP protection classes.

Rack Mount Panel PC’s have a standard width and height

Panel PC RackmountA Rack Mount Panel PC can always also be a Panel Mount Panel PC. But not every Panel Mount Panel PC is a Rack Mount Panel PC as well. Why is it that way? The Rack Mount Panel PC has a standard width of 19 inches. The height on the other hand, varies with the Rack Mount Panel PC. Additionally, each Rack Mount Panel PC has a frontal plate with holes, with which the Rack Mount Panel PC can be installed into the respective housing. In theory, this requirement could also be fulfilled by the Panel Mount PC. In most cases, however, a Panel Mount Panel PC is individually made, according to the customer’s specifications.