Video connection options for the industrial sector

Multisync connection boardIn recent decades many changes have occurred with the commonly used connectors. While on the domestic side the connectors are limited to DVI and HDMI, on the industrial side the number of connectors has nearly exploded. That, however, is not due to the fact that the industrial sector uses plugs that are not found in a domestic environment. This is more a result of the fact that the machines that are used in the industrial sector are sometimes quite old. We are also presented with plugs that stem from the 80’s and 90’s in the past century.

No matter which type of plug, a connection is always possible

First off,  we would like to mention that the important aspect of reception is not the plug, but the input signal. It does not matter via which plug connection the signal is transmitted. We can work with most of the signals (including special timing) – for example from a BNC plug to a DVI plug, or a pin connector to VGA. This way, it is possible to connect even older machines with newer components.

Different video connections in the industrial sector

At this point, we would like to list a few possible connections for video, that are especially used in the industrial sector. This list, of course, is not complete, due to the fact that manufacturers also use a variety of plugs. Especially in the area of the Sub-D plugs, to which the VGA plug also belongs, we constantly find exotic versions that were developed for special environments. For this reason we list a selection:


VGA connector - 15pol. HD-SUBVGA plug is a three row, 15 pin HD-Sub plug, that transmits analog signals and is commonly found in the industrial sector.




DVI AnschlussDVI plugs are employed in the industrial sector, primarily for the transmitting of digital signals. Analog signals can also be transmitted with this plug.




3 x BNC AnschlussBNC plugs are often found in the industrial sector in the monitoring of production processes. Normally the plug is most commonly used for the transmission of composite video signal (FBAS).




WannensteckerPin connectors were primarily used in the 80’s, when TTL signals were transmitted to monochrome monitors. These plugs can also still be found to this day.








HDMI AnschlussHDMI plugs are currently rarely used in the industrial sector. That could change though in the coming years, because these plugs are becoming a standard in the domestic sector.