What does standard temperature and expanded temperature range signify?

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In the industry, the standard temperature range and the expanded temperature range are differentiated. When selecting a suitable industrial monitor or industrial PC, it is therefore of paramount importance to precisely know the surrounding temperature in the area of application.


Standard temperature range

The industry’s standard temperature range for an operating temperature lies between 0°C and +50°C. For most indoor industrial applications, this temperature range is more than enough. In contrast to the expanded temperature range, this forms an inexpensive option. The industrial monitors and industrial Panel PC’s manufactured by ADM Electronic GmbH adhere to this temperature range standard.

Possible examples of application can be seen in the automation industry (i.e. Bsp CNC controls for tooling machines), the visualization process or with gambling machines.

Expanded temperature range

In the industry an expanded temperature range is recognized to lie between -20°C up to +70°C. This is especially the case in the application outdoors or in extremely hot or cold environments. An industrial TFT monitor or industrial computer with an expanded temperature range is priced higher. This is due to the individual expensive electronic components, that need to conform to the expanded temperatures.

The majority of the Industrial Screens and Panel PC’s that are manufactured by ADM electronic can be adapted to this temperature range.

Possible examples of applications with an expanded temperature range, can be found in the food industry such as meat processing. Not only in the refrigeration of the meats, but also during the large scale processing with heat, the monitors are exposed to these elements. Likewise, banking machines require TFT monitors in outdoor applications with an expanded temperature range. Not only do they need to work in the summer time under extreme sunlight, but also during the wintertime, they need to work reliably under frost conditions.


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