Access control with face mask scanner and fever sensor for Corona

Access control for certain areas faces new challenges thanks to Corona. An access control system must reliably identify people despite the Corona mouthguard, and on the other hand, the access control should also recognize whether the person asking for admission is not sick.

  • the access control system measures body temperature
  • the facial scan identifies employees or people with access authorization
  • optional RFID verification of people
Corona Zugangskontrollsysteme

An access control is intended to prevent uninvited guests from entering certain rooms or a building, but at the same time to recognize when someone is authorized to enter a building. In the past, this task of access control was usually performed by a gatekeeper. Nowadays, however, it is possible for electronic systems to monitor who is at the door and let people in.

Automatic access for authorized persons

Of course, access for employees should be quick and automatic. For this there is the possibility to give the authorized person a key, a magnetic card, an RFID card or a code for a combination lock. This access control technology is widely used, but it also has disadvantages. This means that these keys or RFID cards can easily fall into the wrong hands and thus gain unauthorized access.

ADM Zutrittskontrolle

The system has a high-quality bifocal video camera for facial control. The facial scan is automatically compared with the already stored biometric data of the people to whom the system is to grant access. The access control also analyzes whether people are wearing Corona mouth guards and still recognizes the persons authorized to access the building.

To protect against Corona or Covid-19, the access control has a temperature sensor that measures the person's body temperature via infrared without contact. If the person has an elevated temperature, the system will deny them access. The limit for the detection of when someone has a fever can of course be set.

Access control is also available with an integrated RFID sensor for further identification of authorized persons.

Access control is installed quickly. It can be connected to the existing access control via WLAN or Ethernet. The data, i.e. both the images and the measured temperature, are encrypted and transmitted to the main computer. There, the software checks whether or not the person is authorized to access and whether the person is a danger due to the elevated temperature.

Communication with security personnel

If a person does not have permission to enter, the system automatically connects to the appropriate security personnel. This video intercom can then be used to solve problems in the classic manner, and the security staff can open the door or trigger an alarm accordingly.

The system is the solution to the problems with access control. Thanks to facial recognition, RFID card and temperature scan, it grants access for authorized persons and at the same time offers protection for security personnel as it offers a spatial distance.

Access control for your needs

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ADM Zugangskontrollsystem

Access control with corona protection

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