Spare parts: TFTs, front foils, control modules etc.

operating modules

These control modules and control panels serve as a replacement for controls of the corresponding companies. The membrane keyboard corresponds to the original control, is printed in 5 colors and is equipped with the control elements, buttons and LEDs and.

Operator Panels



Replacement monitors for controls (CNC, milling, etc.)

The TFT replacement monitors serve as a replacement for defective or old tube monitors and TFT screens.

These monitors are built into machine controls from all common manufacturers in the industry, such as

Here you find the complete list TFT replacements

Replacement monitors for controls (CNC, milling, etc.)

39/5000 Touchscreen and front foils from Siemens

With Siemens Simatic and Siemens Sinumerik, the touch screens and front foils can be exchanged. Please ask for availability from our customer service. Here is a list of all available front foils and touch screens list of all available products. Please note the minimum purchase of 10 pieces each!

LCD Displays als Ersatz

We deliver discontinued or hard-to-find TFT displays for trade and industry, such as LG Philips, NEC, Samsung or Sharp. to the overview

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The available TFT displays can be found in the list shown here:

Hersteller BezeichnungDisplaygrößeBildpunkteMaße (H x B x T) mmArtikelnummerWeitere Informationen
Sharp LM64P83L9.4″ TFT640 x 480174 x 260 x 72362269Ersatz für Sinumerik 840D MMC 100 von Siemens (6FC5203-0AB10-0AA1 sowie 6FC5210-0DA00-0AA0)
Datenblatt (PDF)
Sharp LQ10D13K10.4″ TFTk.A.k.A.2362199Kein Datenblatt vorhanden
Sharp LQ10D36710.4″ TFT640 x 480179,4 x 246,5 x 10,52361772Datenblatt (PDF)
Sharp LQ121S1DG3112.1″ TFT800 x 600209 x 276 x 142363148Datenblatt (PDF)
Sharp LQ150X1LW71N15.0″ TFT1024 x 768254,7 x 331,6 x 12,52361984Datenblatt (PDF)
LG Philips LC150X0115.0″ TFTk.A.k.A.2361670Kein Datenblatt vorhanden
LG Philips LB121S03-TD0112.1″ TFT800 x 600218 x 280 x 112361828Nachfolgemodell zu LB121S02 Datenblatt (PDF)
LG Philips LB121S0212.1″ TFT 800 x 600218 x 280 x 11037654001Datenblatt (PDF)
LG Philips LB104V0310.4″ TFT640 x 480180 x 236 x 10037654002Datenblatt (PDF)
LG Philips LB104S01-TL0110.4″800 x 600172 x 224,5 x 5,72361422Datenblatt (PDF)
LG Philips LB064V026.4″ TFT640 x 480111,5 x 145,5 x 6,0037654003Datenblatt (PDF)
Samsung LTN104S2-L0110.4″ TFT800 x 600172,5 x 244,5 x 6,32362135Datenblatt (PDF)
Toshiba LTD121KC5S-V0212.1″ TFT1024 x 768199 x 269 x 6,82361436Datenblatt (PDF)